June 12, 2024
Manchester Education Foundation - Ohio
Manchester Education Foundation
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Did you know?

The Manchester Education Foundation is pleased to offer the Manchester High School graduating class the opportunity to apply for scholarships!

The Manchester Education Foundation is an organization of community members who value character, education and initiative. The Foundation seeks to encourage young people to achieve success in various fields and enterprises through their pursuit of education. Recipients who demonstrate a desire to achieve will be chosen.

Any graduating student, who meets a 2.8 accumulative GPA, and who will be enrolled in some form of continuing education after graduation, is eligible to apply. College, online universities, trade programs, apprenticeships... all are qualified programs to which this award can be applied.

Previous Scholarship Awarded

  • 2020 Scholarship Winners
  • 2019 Scholarship Winners
  • 2018 Scholarship Winners
  • 2017 Scholarship Winners
  • 2016 Scholarship Winners
  • 2015 Scholarship Winners
  • 2014 Scholarship Winners
  • 2013 Scholarship Winners
  • The Foundation would like to thank the generous families and businesses that donated the funds to fulfill these scholarships. Without their support neither scholarships nor grants would be possible.
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